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NOTE: Minor schedule change at Amherst HS Saturday due to scheduling mistake effecting 4 teams. See updated Schedule



Date Time Teams Location
07/12/2024  9:30AM   Tribe Of Gad (W 7-5) vs. Southern Tier Select  Dawson Field
07/12/2024  11:15AM   Lou Gehrig vs. Midwestern Ontario Bearcats (W 1-0)  Losson Park #6
07/12/2024  12:00PM   Aces Baseball (W 8-0) vs. Cambridge Cubs Demerchant  Dawson Field
07/12/2024  2:30PM   Midwestern Ontario Bearcats 17 vs. Brampton Royals (W 6-1)  Dawson Field
07/12/2024  5:00PM   MMB Black vs. North Toronto Elite (W 13-3)  Dawson Field
07/12/2024  6:00PM   East York Bulldogs Elite vs. Cambridge Cubs Reeve (W 5-3)  Amherst High School #1
07/13/2024  8:00AM   Cambridge Cubs Demerchant vs. Tribe Of Gad (W 5-2)  Nike Base 90
07/13/2024  9:00AM   Cambridge Cubs Reeve vs. Midwestern Ontario Bearcats (W 7-3)  Losson Park #6
07/13/2024  9:30AM   North Toronto Elite vs. Lou Gehrig (W 3-2)  Dawson Field
07/13/2024  10:00AM   Aces Baseball (W 3-2) vs. Midwestern Ontario Bearcats 17  Nike Base 90
07/13/2024  11:15AM   MMB Black vs. Cambridge Cubs Reeve (W 8-0)  Losson Park #6
07/13/2024  12:00PM   North Toronto Elite (W 8-5) vs. Midwestern Ontario Bearcats  Dawson Field
07/13/2024  12:00PM   Cambridge Cubs Demerchant (W 2-1) vs. Southern Tier Select  Nike Base 90
07/13/2024  2:00PM   Midwestern Ontario Bearcats 17 (W 9-0) vs. Tribe Of Gad  Nike Base 90
07/13/2024  2:30PM   Lou Gehrig (T 5-5) vs. East York Bulldogs Elite  Dawson Field
07/13/2024  4:00PM   Brampton Royals (W 6-0) vs. Aces Baseball  Nike Base 90
07/13/2024  5:00PM   East York Bulldogs Elite vs. MMB Black (W 8-7)  Dawson Field
07/13/2024  6:00PM   Brampton Royals (W 9-1) vs. Southern Tier Select  Nike Base 90
07/14/2024  9:30AM   P2: Seed #2 vs Seed #3 Dawson Field
Aces Baseball (W 6-5) vs. Cambridge Cubs Reeve 
07/14/2024  12:00PM   P1: Seed #1 vs Seed #4 Dawson Field
Brampton Royals vs. North Toronto Elite (W 5-2) 
07/14/2024  2:30PM   P3: Winner P1 vs P2 Dawson Field
North Toronto Elite (W 4-1) vs. Aces Baseball 

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